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DJ BRAINZ: Knows UK Garage sound

DJ BRAINZ played the tune “Nightmare” from Kachina (NexGen Records) on his latest podcast via SUBFM.

For those that dont know, DJ BRAINZ is a very skilled DJ hailing from London, UK. and has 187 podcasts/radio shows to date (, focusing on the Future Bass/Bumpy UK Garage sound and has been instrumental for many a producer’s career(s), simply by having the records first and smacking you in the face with the bass as soon as said records are in his hands.. Just like the “Nightmare” tune. I gave it to him, and BOOM, it got the play. Only because Brainz, like ourselves are into the quality of the sounds that we bring forward. Check artists’ like Flava D(Butterz), MindOfADragon (New Movement DJ’s), and Brainz’s own Orpheus LDN for a taste of the type of  futuristic bass music that I personally 1st learned of by hearing his shows every week.


Betty Black New Album ‘Valley Low’

Coming a long way from the small town of her birth place, Opelika, Alabama, and the myriad of Sothwestern and Western U.S. Coastal towns Sylvia was shuffled around during her upbringing, multi-talented singer/songwriter/musician/performer/producer and femme fatale SYLVIA GORDON/ ‘SYLVIA BLACK’ may be once best known as the voice of New York’s fiery electronic pop-rock trio KUDU, but is increasingly in demand as a songwriter/collaborator with other artists, having recently graced recordings by MOBY, SPANK ROCK (with whom she appears as her alter-ego “Illvia”), BLACK EYED PEAS (as co-writer on “Meet Me Halfway”, the 3rd Top 10 single from the group’s Grammy winning, multiplatinum album THE E.N.D.) and France’s TELEPOPMUSIK, not to mention the many musical projects Sylvia has been asked to be a part of or write for. Sylvia has written winning the winning hits for Germany’s The Voice as well as German Idol with ‘Do You Like What You See‘ and ‘The One‘ written for 2014/2015 winners Ivy Quainoo Aneta Sablik. Sylvia has an impressive knack for writing engaging rhyme schemes and poetic lyrics that are accessible and arrestingly visual.

Most recently Sylvia has spent the past few years living out of a suitcase, gathering inspiration from the various country landscapes from California to Texas to Virginia where her family and friends live. All the while Sylvia has been writing, recording, and performing and waiting patiently to showcase all the music she has been cultivating.  She has finally finished yet another album, , ‘Valley Low‘.

excerpts  from Betty Black site for more info go here!

Here is a teaser of her new album

Camairdroneboy: International Fly Boy

Junior Chavez. Better known as “Camairdroneboy” that photographer and cameraman, set up a company called B Tv Media, which specializes in aerial photography.

“This artist from heaven,” the most beautiful post aerial pictures of Cameroon on his Instagram account (@camairdroneboy), Snapchat and Facebook and thus reinvents the promotion of tourism in his country.

He worked among others with the Cameroonian filmmaker Jean-Pierre Bekolo, the rising star of Hip-Hop “Jovi” and organizations such as EDC (3) and FEICOM (4). Patriot, Junior Chavez wants to beautify the Cameroon label, first in the eyes of its inhabitants and then to tourists and potential investors:

translated excerpts from

Meet the Gangsta Gardener

A fashion designer by profession, Ron Finley found his true calling when he tried to buy fresh fruit and vegetables in his South Central Los Angeles neighborhood—and walked away empty-handed. He had his pick of unhealthy fast-food outlets, but a store where he could buy a decent apple? No luck. So in 2010, on a 150-by-10-foot curbside median outside his home, Finley planted mustard greens, carrots, banana and tangerine trees, and more. Friends and strangers came by to gawk, and Finley told them to help themselves. For many, it was the first fresh produce they’d eaten in years.