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Supreme Fam SoHo Sunday Sept.3

THIS SUNDAY, Sept 3rd… BEFORE the HouseBurning Party + Going-Away for Ringo!, we’ll be ciphering on the Southeast corner of Prince St & Broadway, as we always do when we’re in that area. We’ve met celebrities there, had our biggest crowds, helped local artists sell their work and helped Korean clothing designers showcase their apparel. It’s definitely been a FAM staple through our Journey around Manhattan (Supreme JAM?)
For those who have my number, call/text if you’ll be late. Others just message me.

Will also be taking photos and vids so be ready for the festivities.

ceazar Administrator

Dwight “Black Cea’zar” Bonair Underground Producer,Artist,Promoter and Member of Hip Obscene Televised since 2002. Also Known as the Mad King