Celebration of the Journey

The celebration of the journey from birth place hip hop to the birth place of jazz.

The epic adventure of the energy of people transcending bodes of their Imagination and a freedom unable to be taken.

DJRough Cz and Jazz Trumpet player Justice Lapsley  a product of this energy and people who deeply loves the culture and what it has done for Them; will be  Documenting a literal time line walk from the Bronx to New Orleans.

Produced by Hip Obscene Televised and Grown Azz Kids Production Community to make  this honorable pilgrimage of the culture reality.

It is more than a doc on music of our culture but the sound and rhythm of the culture, from the mind of a DJ/producer and a Jazz Trumpet player and all the elements it took to create our sound.

They will be explaining the evolution and journey of the sound; spotting at locations, meeting and interviewing it’s pioneers; hearing their story .While sharing their own story and knowledge.

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