Celebration of the Journey

From birth place Hip Hop to the birth place of Jazz DJ Rough Cz; will attempt to walk from 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in The Bronx, NY to Congo Square, New Orleans, La. .


Hip Obscene will be celebrating and documenting the journey of music and the sub-genres created in between; from the birthplace of Hip Hop to the birthplace of Jazz. The epic adventure of the energy of people transcending bodes of their Imagination and a freedom unable to be taken. DJ Rough Cz a product of this energy and people who deeply loves the culture and what it has done for them; will be Documenting a literal time line walk from the Bronx to New Orleans..

It is more than a documentary on the music of our culture; but the sound and rhythm of the culture, from the mind of a DJ/producer and all the elements it took to create our sound. DJRough Cz will be explaining the evolution and journey of the sound; spotting at locations, meeting and interviewing it’s pioneers; hearing their story .While sharing their own story and knowledge.

DJ Rough Cz aka “DA Harbor Masta”

A Jack of many trades Czar Nicholas has been traveling the world, learning and supporting all parts of our culture; this Newport, Rhode Island native is not a stranger to adventure. In 1994 he worked in one of Uncle Luke Clubs in Florida doing whatever he can, from assisting in the handling of booked artists, to carrying records for the DJ’s, learning to bartend, and the overall operations of running a nightclub.

In 2001 Rough Cz also had the honor of working for the late Orpheus Faison (JUSTO) at the Mixtape awards, as well as running his record pool. There was little to no pay involved, however the perks,relationships, and most importantly knowledge of the music industry

DJ Rough Cz – “One of my Greatest Experience was being able to DJ at the college radio station where I first heard Hip Hop as a very young child (WRIU 90.3FM.”

Hip Hop

You Don’t Stop

On August 11, 1973, Clive Campbell aka Kool HercDJed for his sister Cindy’s back-to-school party in the recreation center at 1520 Sedgwick. After spending months perfecting a new technique involving “playing the frantic grooves at the beginning or in the middle of the song” with two turntables, a mixer, and two copies of the same record,  Hip hop was born, He arranged parties, made an interesting speech-feast into the microphone. Soon he became known as MC ( “master of ceremony”)And when a DJ, besides making music, announced some rhythmic text it became known as the word “rap”.

The name Hip Hop came from AfrikaBambaata? When Bam throws a party, he feels like a theme name for his party would be better and more exciting. One of the names for his early parties was THE HIP HOP BEENY BOP. Some could equate this as a teen Jam because of the phrase Beeny Bop. Bop is also short for Boppers. So when Bambaata had his parties, and Starski would Mc the jam, He would say thing s like WELCOME TO THE HIP HOP BEENY BOP! THAT’S RIGHT YA’LL, HIP HOP TILL YOU DON’T STOP.

Bambaataa formed his own break-dancing team called Zulu Nation, which eventually grew into the organization and included rappers, DJs, graffiti artists and dancers. Zulu Nation, along with other teams contributed to promote break-dancing.Bambaataa included 5 elements into the hip-hop culture: MC’ing( “Rapping” – rap), DJ’ing, Graffiti (Writing), Dancing (Breaking, Up-Rocking, Popping, Locking), and knowledge. The last item on his sense means that there is a lack of knowledge about hip-hop culture. Hip hop comes from humbles begins rooted in the community for the community which has allows countless lives to flourish creating jobs and opportunities beyond the imagination of its founders. But the roots of hip hop goes deeper than 1520 Sedgwick.

A jubilant Soul

In the late 19th century, while the rest of America was stomping their feet to military marches, and New Orleans was dancing to VooDoo rhythms. New Orleans was the only place in the New World where slaves were allowed to own drums.

VooDoo rituals were openly tolerated, and well attended by the rich as well as the poor, by blacks and whites, by the influential and the anonymous. It was in New Orleans that the bright flash of European horns ran into the dark rumble of African drums; it was like lightning meeting thunder. The local cats took that sound and put it together with the music they heard in churches and the music they heard in barrooms, and they blew a new music, a wild, jubilant music. It made people feel free. It made people feel alive! It made people get up and dance. And they danced to the birth of American music.

And nobody played it like they played it in New Orleans, a city already used to feeling jubilant, and expressing its jubilation. A city where you could dance down the middle of the street, in the middle of the daytime, in the middle of the week, and instead of people wondering why you weren’t at work, they’d be wondering how they could join you. The glory of New Orleans is that it’s still that way today. Everyone loves a parade. Everything is touched by the joyous anarchy called New Orleans Jazz. And everybody’s middle name is “Celebrate.”

The true celebration of our journey is unable to be held down. That is why it is still growing building lives and bringing people together. From the birth place hip hop to the birth place of jazz is not just about Hip hop or music it is about it about the energy of a Culture and continuing begin a part of the great journey.

Preparing for the Walk

Black Cea’zar: So What made you come up with this idea?

DJ Rough Cz: As A DJ who hasn’t worked in a while I felt I needed to give the game something back cause a lot of my intelligence and the way im living out here is due to the game. I was a heavy scholar; sorry i’m a student cause we are not all scholars. Being in the DJ culture and the traveling through certain music genres I have learned so much from new Orleans and Rhode Island and studing music in different places and stuff.

Truthfully the fact of the reason is kind of a selfish. One; I’ll be a little healthier, around the waist line. Everyone has travel in all kind of vehicles and the story of some one walking and shaping stories and bring new stories and experiences. Has really never being documented even in the time of slavery.

The Culture: In the Beginning

Black Cea’zar: Tell me your prespective of the Culture?

DJ Rough Cz: You have to understand real culture is organic; it’s not something you make up, It’s something you wake up too; you begin acknowledging and enjoying an Instinct.

Black Cea’zar: Explain?

Ok, Sequoia trees and red Woods grow in Cali, Im sure there are people maintaining that land. But that is not a place people went to and started planting those trees. That was there all ready, the culture of Cali is the tress that’s been there for thousands of years. The love you have for those trees; the pictures you take with those trees; the meals you eat under those branches; the air you breathe that they filter; is the culture of red wood and California.

Before it was called Hip Hop all the Elements was in Place; Graffiti, DJing, Breaking and Mcing all those was popping years before. Watch Any Graffiti Documentary they will tell you , in 72 and in 69 we was out the building (referring to the past stories bout niggers out there). “In 1982 when style wars came out, how was crazy legs the A one nigger to go to for breaking. Phaze Two and DJ’s was Djing and even footer.”

1520 is the official birthplace of Hip hop cause kool Herc through a party. Now you could probably go further where it was happen but not all at once. And then the Zulu Nation Bridge it all together: So we getting the Graffiti, the Breaking, The Djing, The Mcing and then the word Hip Hop got thrown in with BAM speaking the Hip Hop Bedop.

It took Bam to Put it all together. So If you see someone Breaking you could put him into the hip hop basket. So Hip Hop is the Mesh or Amalgamation of all these element in play. Knowledge of self has ALWAYS BEEN IN PLAY.

Black Cea’zar: Good Stuff! we gone have to Continue from here next issue!!

DJ Rough Cz: Sounds Good there is alot more where that came from!!(laughs)

The Walk is produced by Independently Underground and Grown Azz Kids Production Community for more information and Promotional video of the walk go to http://hipobscene.com/. Stay Tuned!!!

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