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GinjaBred: Catch Him If You Can

Potatos isn’t the only thing hot coming out of Idaho! They also got a red head hot boy named Chris Burton going by GinjaBred Co Founder Of “Dream Seekers Ent” steaming the Underground.



He is putting his state on the map with a free spirit, quick and witty ryhme flow that can be heard on his newest hot single “Outlaw of Authority” from his mixtape “GinjaBred presents the Tales of Ginja”. GinjaBred attacks the track like a beast with a mixture of rhyming and singing at goes perfect with the a well done video. Hip Obscene wanted to see if you could catch up with this quick slaying lyricist and pick his brain a little.

Hip Obscene: GinjaBred; good catching up with you playa! Respect your flow! Not much is known about the Hip Hop scene in Idaho; how is it out there and what got you into music and hip hop?

GinjaBred: Coming from a place like north Idaho there isn’t much of a hip hop scene but that’s why i decided to create my own. i moved to Idaho from Oklahoma when i was 13 & i had always been into music since i was a kid. i was obsessed with the idea of making music but i never thought i could take it serious. i was constantly writing songs & recording on whatever device was in front of me as a teen but as i got older that all changed when i realized that i was doing something wrong & needed to move into a different direction. so i took a break for months then i met a local artist from Idaho named “Matmunny” who wanted to get into making music. we started kicking it, writing, recording & freestyling every single day & then it occurred to both of us that we had rhyming skills but needed to learn more knowledge about mixing & the vocal engineering process to have a more clean clear quality sound. thats when we both started spending hours trying to perfect the sound of our mix & i decided to put all efforts forward focusing on attention to details & becoming a successful artist.

Hip Obscene: Do you feel you have to make your present more know being from an area not known for hip hop and what do you do to bring attention to yourself in the game.

GinjaBred: To be honest when people hear the words ” hip hop” & “idaho” they are immediately biased & confused but I feel that all changes when listeners get to hear the amount of passion & devotion I put into my craft. My music really speaks for itself because I don’t hold back on anything & don’t give a fu*k about any negativity thrown my way. being consistent & having a huge strive for success has made me the artist i am so i feel my dedication & progression has brought attention. being open to making different kinds of music & styles has also helped me.

Hip Obscene: You have a Unique style it seem to be mix with a little of everything; hip hop, metal, pop, a little bright, a little dark. Where did you get your inspiration from and how do you categories your style?

GinjaBred: My style has been inspired by alot of the music I listened to as a child growing up. “Eazy-E” & “Eminem” were some of my favorite rappers when I was a kid (to name the least). from there I just kept broadening my horizon with music & basically listened to everything. all genres from blues to rock from hip hop to pop I was continually looking for songs. I had hundreds of cds & unlimited mp3s on my ghetto Mp3 player. I would bootleg all the tracks & instrumentals from my neighbors computer (HAHAHA) but all that music has influenced my sound throughout my time as an artist. If I had to categorize myself I wouldn’t. I’d just say that I’m versatile & I can make anything that I set my mind to. personally I don’t like being placed in a box & I like to be able to create whatever I want. THERE IS NO LIMITS!

Hip Obscene: Your Music video was hot! you seem to have a lot of character; explain to us your GinjaBred persona?

GinjaBred: the name “GinjaBred” came from always being an outcast & getting judged mainly by my red hair & being called a “Ginger” so I decided to embrace what I had always been ridiculed for. That’s when me & my cousin created the name GinjaBred because I’m Bred by Ginja’s. I loved the name because its unique, different & out of the ordinary & i also want others to embrace negativity like i do & take what they may consider a flaw or weakness & make it their strong point & use it to their advantage & NEVER let haters or skeptics isolate them or prevent them following their hopes & dreams!

Hip Obscene: Congrats on getting your song on the radio! How has it been being an  Underground Independent artist and how has social media helped you and what advise you got for other artist?

GinjaBred: to keep it real..its been a rocky path of self doubt & uncertainty at times as an underground indie artist but I’m always optimistic & confident in what I’m doing & I never surrender to negative thinking. Social media has been the door to success for me because it has allowed me to utilize these platforms to gain listeners & fans & its helped me network / cross promote & collaborate with other indie artist all over the world. Which is really all I’ve ever wanted is to be heard by the people who have appreciation & the same passion for the craft as I do. My advice for other artists like me is stay humble, loyal, keep hustling and pushing towards your goal; but also try to take “constructive” criticism and let that build towards your sound.

Hip Obscene: Lastly what is next for GinjaBred where can we catch you next and where are you trying to take your music career?

GinjaBred: I’m just gonna continue to create & do what I love and what makes me happy. I’m gonna focus on a lot of visuals for my music in 2018 and try get myself more exposure through my you tube channel. Also put more time and effort into my craft more than I already do. I have trust in my process with creating and I believe that hard work pays off. I will also be doing a lot of projects with my homie “Matmunny” working together on our collaborative & solo mixtapes. I’ll keep branching out to artists all over the globe. Searching for artists who are genuine an under rated and keep putting them on tracks.

Hip Obscene: Thank for chopping up with us is there anyone you want to shout out?

GinjaBred:I’d like to shoutout to my fans and supporters for being with me step by step even when I had no idea what I was doing. they have always kept listening and I appreciate all their loyalty! A HUGE SHOUTOUT to “Matmunny” for pushing me towards being an artist and to continue to create even when I thought otherwise. Also a quick shoutout to my mom for supporting me and much love to hip obscene network for showing me love & putting me on!!!

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