Black Rose Commission

Black Rose Commission

Hip Obscene Honoring committee of our Brothers and Sisters who are Living in the Eternal After. Taking care of us while we remember and honor their work and life, so to allow their work to keep moving lives as they have moved us and continue. This is the Black Rose society is inspired by the Barrington Levy song Black Roses. In the song Levy sings “To keep and care it you got to water it/ Got to keep the earth so cool/ ‘Cause something special in my garden” In the song he is talking  about our ancestors and family; to to keep them in our hearts and soul ‘go to water it’ water meaning emotions such as loving and remembering. ‘Keeping the earth so cool’ bring peace to our foundation tending to our roots; This is the purpose of The Black Rose Society. Tending to our roots and foundations our family living in the eternal which allows them to do the same for Us. As Barrington Levy say’s “’Cause something special in my garden”- Black Rose Commission

Hip Hop has always been trying to build a Commission ever since Biggie suggested it when he was building with Jay-z Shyne made a track on his Debut album called Commission before he was sentence. Every time the proposal came with a untimely situation accrued. But time the opposite angle was approached. TC Izlam is and will continue being one of Hip Obscene family mentors, inspiration and Big brother. About a Week before TC Izlam ascension; he and Black Cea’zar was on the phone “Chopping it Up”. Even though he was going through the issue with Zulu Nation; never once did he speak about the present issue. Black Cea’zar “The only thing TC spoke about was growth, positivity and future business. We laughed about slick pimping shit as we always do cause he’s a prime playa. Doing something with colleges to get the real knowledge to the next generation; and for some reason holographic projection. There was one moment he teared up a little saying something in regards of “I do this for the Kids” after replying it’s ok for grown me to cry. My response was “only real men have the heart to have a heart” . He ended the conversation say “you know I love you my nigger” Painfully the last word I heard my grandfather say.

When DJ Rough Cz called me and told me TC ascended (you know it as pasted;the GOD’s ascend) I didn’t believe it I just spoked to him plus Cz “like playing shit”. I never really felt that he past and I’ll never will TC was one those bigger life than life characters. Always having good advise and an amazing story that he could back up. It was then many ideas came to me one being “The Black Rose Commission”. In recent time was have been losing a lot of our greats and love ones and IT’S UNFAIR; SO WE’RE GOING TO CHEAT! We not letting them go; we going to kept their vision and work in continuous motion (“HIP STEP” meaning moving forward). They can be gone if I don’t let them go and the can’t be forgotten if I keep remembering. So Black Rose Commission was created to be a Pantheon of our greatest all together looking over us as we continue their great work of love, Peace, Freedom and of course the Party HIP STEP!!!

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