This is a creative writing contest that allows people the opportunity to talk about their alter egos and origin stories. Introducing the world to their personal super hero and their super abilities. We will select some of the participants to be in the next issue while giving others the opportunity to be posted on the site and our social media platforms. This Contest is design to show the comparison of marvel mutants and the underground culture. From their outcast preconception to the acquiring of their mutant powers through personal issues, speacial abilities to abnormal conditioning. Then learning how to honing their abilities for the benefit of themselves and others. A person alter ego is their super hero that saves them from their plight may it be from poverty or mental anguish; which help them fulfill their dreams of save the day for themselves and others. “WE ARE MUTANTS”

To Join the Content got to HipObscene.com and sign up the “WE ARE MUTANTS”Contest

Good Luck Mutants may you bring the best out of yourselves.

All entries must be giving in by Jul 20, 2018

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