We Are Mutants

It has always been known that “Art Imitates Life”; this seems to go double for comic book characters especially “Mutants”. The Concept of Mutants or Mutation derives from nature as well all know. The greatest and best example of mutation is none other than a Diamond. A worthless piece of coal maintains stability under tremendous amount of pressure refusing to shift or budge; after a period of time it mutants into the most valuable thing on earth. This factor that creates the mutation in the marvel comic universe is called the “X-Gene” which expresses itself around puberty and causes the individual mutant’s powers to emerge. In Indigenous people and many cultures this process is called the right of passage; used to connect one with their ancestral warrior spirit or inner aminal power.

Like the Sateré-Mawé people, who live deep in the Amazon. Their ritual, reserved only for young men, is exceptionally painful, in both a physical and psychological sense. Boys as young as 12 years old must gather bullet ants from the forest, which are then used to make ant-ridden gloves. The young men wear the gloves 20 times for 10 minutes, performing a dance while those angry insects sting them. The bullet ant’s sting is supposed to be 30 times more painful than that of a bee, and each of those gloves contain dozens of ants. 

The tribe chief says, This is meant to show the men that a life lived “without suffering anything or without any kind of effort” isn’t worth anything at all. 

Pressure makes a Diamond

Like the diamond this transformation takes a tremendous amount of pressure and discipline( refusing to shift or budge). You recently saw in this process in the recently Marvel movie “Deadpool”;where they inject the x-gene into an individual then would put the individual to tremendous amount of pain and uncomfortable situations until the x-gene mutation awaken the super powered ability. The tremendous amount of pressure used to awaken the x-gene comes in many fashions and different for each individual. In nature animals much bare all forms of obstacles to survive and prosper this is known as “survival of the fittest”. We are no different than animal and our environment is no different than any terrain in nature. Facing and over coming the obstacles in our life reveals to us our hiding potential our x-gene. We become our own super hero; We learn to save the day by being able to have another day

Alter Ego

From my observation (my opinion) the X-gene and can the defined as x being unknown and gene short for “genetics” it could be your unknown potential apart of you you never knew existed the drive you never knew you had. This unknown potential is like a new “you” its have been birth though the transformation that has taken place; we could this our alter ego. An alter ego (Latin, “the other I”) is a second self, which is believed to be distinct from a person’s normal or true original personality. A person who has an alter ego is said to lead a double life. Cicero coined the term as part of his philosophical construct in 1st century Rome, but he described it as “a second self, a trusted friend”. Our X-gene our unknown potential once awaken become our second self, a trusted friend who is able to help us bare all that life has to offer

Mutants: The Underground Community

Much of the appeal and draw of the mutants that comprise the X-Men has to do with feeling like an outcast while simultaneously feeling like part of a family. Mutants are ostracized because they are different but they bound together because of their differences. The may be forced together to a certain extent like ‘real’ families but they are also a team. the X-Men is composed of outcasts. They train and nurture one another and are united by common goals and beliefs. …the whole theme of the X-Men — the isolation of mutants and their alienation from ‘normal’ society parable of the alienation of any minority… of a minority grouping determined to force its own place within societyThe plight of the mutants is universally compelling. Many people feel a need for a surrogate family, one composed of those the world has abused and persecuted in the same way they have been their whole life. This is especially true in adolescents, which may in part explain some of the draw of mutants..

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