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The Vision and Creation

Where do you draw your inspiration from as a creative?


What inspires us is a wide variety of what’s been and what still is to come in this generation of new age music. Starting from the origins of reggae, rhythm & blues, hip-hop and anything else that has a good rhythm filled with good vibes. Coming from the era of the end 70’s and early 80’s music has always been our number one.”

How long have you been doing music?


Since 1985 – to present date 2018”

Who do you admire in the music industry?


We admire many good known and unknown artists, seriously too many…but to name a few artists; Bob Marley and complete fam, BBKing, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Ziggy-Reccado, Quincy Jones, Barry white, Baby face, Teddy Riley ,DMX, Mob Deep, The LOX, QFBeatzzz, DJChuckie, Alicia Keys, Jill Scott, WuTang Clan, D’Angelo, Mariah Carry, Whitney Houston, Postmen, Unique, E-life, Jamie fox, Tyrese, Ludacris, Tony Scott, DefRhymes, Negativ, Nathan from Cardiff UK, Shaheem, Dress, MizStress, DeAnte, Keyshaw, Vigilante, Sat-R-Day, Brainpower, Raymzter, Eminem, Osdorp posse, Opgezwolle, Monica, Brandy, Chris & Bobby Brown, Aaliyah, Adonis a.k.a. Adje donni, Ginuwine, Tweet, Missy Elliot, Timberland, Pharrel Williams, Sting, Phill Collins,  Simply Red, Linkin Park and many more…


What’s is your musical back ground?


As young kids we’ve always loved the sound of music part from that, it’s in our blood as our cultural background uses music as a spiritual medium and unification of tribes and nations until this day.








How would you categories your artistic style?


Our styles are a mixture of many different categories and types of music that we produce and write, to name a few…Hip-hop, R&B, Soul, 2step, Trap, Reggae, Dancehall, jazz, percussion music, Indigenous Roots, and tribe/culture music

Who are your influences? Musically and externally?


Urban Dj’s well known producers and music artists from the 1960’s to present, which is a wide variety of different vibes that influenced us from childhood up till now. Part from that we love to play instruments of all kinds as for myself in the team I love to play the drums, base-guitar and last but not least the piano/keyboard which is also the one mostly used as we produce our tracks with it. All these feelings for music came about as we heard the artists playing their instruments sending out the vibes where each of us felt harmonized with the sounds, that’s what gave us that eager feeling of wanting to play an instrument sending out good vibes too.

How do you feel about the present state of music & the industry?


It is an absolutely beautiful state of time we are in at the moment… We can be negative about it too, but that wouldn’t be righteous – AT ALL – reason why is … it’s just a small 1% portion of well known and unknown artists who would be outnumbered by millions of artists in an instant, whom all make or give music that positive twist and vibes throughout the world. But yeah, we live in a wonderful time having seen the industry change where music is to be found by the tip of someone’s finger, and as producers, made by the tip of our fingers. Sounds that keep changing into even more beautiful sounds, artist collaborations that keep popping up from all over the world, music business people connect more and more as this new age of being online has changed many known artists working in the music industry with the most powerful medium sources known to man.


What do you feel is needed to bring a change within the music industry?


The music industry is on a high rise and always has been, so the only change needed in the music industry is that it should reach its purpose to the fullest extent from a positive perspective. But most importantly it should bring more unity in all fields of the music industry, the musical influences should be more about love, knowledge, wisdom and happy things that make people unite towards a bigger picture of working and vibing in harmony all together, just as Bob Marley has already been an example to the whole world uniting enemies to love – again through the power of music. I think people are on…to the everlasting drama that keeps returning in music, just filling up spots of real life matters where it doesn’t really feed the soul but rather breaks the soul. I know for a fact that this wonderful world needs soul healing and this can be done if the mass of artists start spreading more of what is really needed feeding ones soul with good vibes and solutions to solve many things that our souls are really screaming for and need.

How do you as a creative get your music out to the public?


Prophecy-Entertainment/Prophecy-Records uses a manual and automated marketing platform that connects to all social media/music/video platforms with the push of a button. We also connect with new music businesspeople to create more awareness together, so there is no competition in any way whatsoever creating an open source for anyone that feels good vibes that needs to be released throughout the world. We love to work with proper business people that know about the hard world of music that can relate to both known and unknown music and the business around it.

What do you feel is needed to get you to the next level as a creative ?


Disappearing in the masses of people is easy yet not easy, it all depends on what you want yourself to achieve in this industry for example you can know it all out of experience, study or as you go, but still not be successful … then again like a few artists in the mainstream don’t know anything at all  and still become successful as a creative artist. The trick for this switching it on and off is all about productions and a constant flow, as soon as you stop producing in what you are good at, it disappears within a couple of months. To keep this from happening you should know what you want for instance is it just for the right amount of money and then stop? Is it just for the fame you seek that keeps the name as one having been known as an artist or music business to end up in the history books? Or is it pure love from the heart having a music business or as an artist releasing all your personal feelings until you literally have no more energy for the breath of life?

As music business/artists creative members here at Prophecy-Entertainment/Records we do it because we love it and feel the need to create such a platform where it doesn’t matter who you are and still be able to be a successful music business creative or a music artist creative. If it’s good it’s good because globally your own public fan base decides. On top of that, all the music related and business related platforms, should be able to upload their data where this will get a constant promotion through our platform, so if that’s an album “every track on it will staying 24/7/365 promo rotation targeted to the right audiences” on our future website soon to be re-launched. Same goes for businesses and music businesses. If this is well taken by the public the magic starts in each person related fulfilling that next level experience as one.

What is the moment that made you say I want to be an artist or creative within the entertainment industry?

Ty-Shawn Jay:

That moment I realized as an artist where I felt an explosion of awareness in my mind about music & business, Prophecy-Entertainment came about in January 2003 after a long journey of going through several music business experiences throughout the year, working with known and unknown businesses and artists in the industry that led to officially register the company in 2006. With the help of my friend Jay ‘sun D a.k.a Mr.J.Thriven who set up all of the complete business plan’s do’s and don’ts with my vision joined into it, creating a full functional concept of a never ending workflow.

What made you fall in love with music/ hip hop?

Ty-Shawn Jay:

My dad being a dj and my mom playing old school music made me fall in love, at the age of 1-2 years old, I was told by my mom “with a big headset on back in ’81 ’82’’, listening and dancing to reggae music, soul music, Hip-hop and R&B. At the age of 5, I had my first unexpected show during a family visit from my dad’s side and even earning my first money where my aunts and uncles gave me five’s and ten’s for dancing to all of them being overexcited about the music I was hearing and feeling.

Who do you aspire to work with in the near future?


Prophecy-Entertainment/Records aspires to work with a platform designed to allow anyone who would like to work with us on any project/assignment that is in our reach, base of effective knowledge and overall experience that can be applied to create and realize more beautiful things that shall forever keep growing, and many more generations to come hereafter.

Where are you originally from?

Ty-Shawn Jay;

I’m an indigenous/African/Chinese mix from South America Surinam, born and raised in Europe the Netherlands October 1980.

How has your environment influenced your sound?

 Ty-Shawn Jay;

Since ’92 the year I started making music, it was not as easy as it is today, to create your own type of sound and feel, to get the right tones and frequencies making you feel the right vibes about a music track that made it sound good enough to then be heard by the public. So as the years went by…more and more home based recording studio’s started rising up and developing in our environment and so the influence had drastically changed into many different types of music genres opening new doors to the rest of the world. So it has been a healthy development for many of us becoming more creative as producers and beat creators.

How are you different than other artists within your region?

Ty-Shawn Jay;

I am different. Whenever someone feels they are in total control of being in there element, and they are doing what they are being good at…the feelings that flow forth from that creation and the energy that releases is the energy that causes you to be different or a complete copy. In both cases this can turn out to be good or bad. In my case, I had a lot of ups and downs but that gave me the time to learn and develop just like everybody else has their own time to shine.

Topic: Bringing New York back how do you separate yourself from other artists?

Ty-Shawn Jay;

I can separate myself from other artists being different about the sound, the voice melody and the lyrics singing or rapping about gateways that help people to get in touch with their higher self. Sharing visions that lead to peace spreading truth and right.

Who would you say has influenced your style?

Ty-Shawn Jay;

The lyrical teachings of Bob Marley and his voice melodies, Frankie Paul, Dennis Brown, Freddie McGreggor, Gregory Isaacs, Israel Vibrations and everyone in the reggae and dancehall scene that came in the generations after. Mixed with artist from the hip-hop and R&B scene I created my own personal vocal sound and musical sound.

Which artists do you listen to now?


Staying up to date with what’s hot and what’s not, we listen to a lot of artists form all around the world.

Where and what made you decide you wanted to follow the path of hip-hop?

Ty-Shawn Jay;

In ‘95 I’ve decided to start because I had a way to express myself, how I experienced life and I enjoyed that I could describe a whole situation In a very short time.



What were your muses & who are your heroes that have inspired you to pick up the mic?

Ty-Shawn Jay;

General Levi, Snow, 2pac and from then on the feeling became more and worse with artists that inspired me.

How has the support for your music been?

Ty-Shawn Jay;

The support of my music has been very uplifting and powerful and is something that still keeps me going today. Having had the opportunity to work with several known music business figures my music was heard by many. But as I’ve learned from my mistakes I now know that not everybody is to be trusted in this music industry so I take precautions before I take my steps to avoid risks.

How has being a creative affected the course of your life and the people around you?

Ty-Shawn Jay;

It has made a lot of damages for me and for others around me where I had to deal with people that were in competition with me, people that were jealous, envious and greedy. Yet on the other hand I somehow managed to take care of the good side of it all  where I met the right people in the music business changing the course of life, Almost to the point where I was about to stop it came back and found me to continue my works of art in music.



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