Keeno:Where do you draw your inspiration from as an an artist & creative?

bTheDeacon:From life itself and experiences we encounter from our daily livings not excluding other people’s journeys and what they have experienced in their lives.

Keeno:How long have you been doing music ?

KbTheDeacon:8 Years and some change

Keeno:Who do you admire in the music industry ?

KbTheDeacon:I’m a true student of the hip hop culture I admire the great to ever do it

Keeno:What is your musical back ground ?

KbTheDeacon:Grew up in a household whereby music was played all day every day and extremely loud, number one culprit being father was once a radio DJ so most definitely played his collection of vinyl’s more mornings that could be deemed normal, and as such I fell in love with music no matter the genre.

Keeno: How would you categorize your artistic style and music ?

KbTheDeacon:Soulful Raps

Keeno: Who are your influences ? Musically & externally ?

KbTheDeacon:Family and Friends and the world at large

Keeno:How do you feel about the present state of music & the industry as a whole ?

KbTheDeacon:Quite intrigued as there are many talented individuals providing amazing content the also issue that perturbs me as the fact that independent artist struggle to get needle time on radio without paying payola.

Keeno:What do you feel is needed to bring a change within the music industry ?

KbTheDeacon:Transparency, less politics, less corruption an should just be about the art

Keeno: How do you as a creative get your music out to the public ?

KbTheDeacon:Through social media platforms as such don’t support payola to receive needle time on radio stations

Keeno: What do you feel is needed to get you to the next level as a creative ?

KbTheDeacon:A big machine behind me would push me to the next level as a creative as such I can just focus on the artistry

Keeno:What is that moment that made you decide that you want to be an artist or an creative within the entertainment industry ?

KbTheDeacon:When I was in high school there use to be cyphers held by The State Theatre in Pretoria, the vibe, the skill level just how one can play with words, thus being able to monetize the art as an entirety.

Keeno: What made you fall in love with music / hip hop as a whole ?

KbTheDeacon:The ability to say so much without, out right saying it with the use of similes, metaphors n so forth. How one can turn a conversation or a train of thought into a melodic song that the next person can relate to, how music can shift a person’s emotions that’s pure gold just a divine gift one has.

Keeno:Who do you aspire to work with in your career ?

KbTheDeacon:Tuks Senganga, Bafitlhile, Morafe

Keeno: Where are you originally from ?

KbTheDeacon:Grew up in Mamelodi East and years later moved to Pretoria East, Gauteng South Africa

Keeno: How has your environment influenced your sound and yourself as a musician & creative ?

KbTheDeacon:Well I grew up in Mamelodi East D16 whereby surrounded by a lot of poverty and as such most people that I grew up with did not see the need for education rather than crime to survive, it has influenced me an such a way that my music comes from a real place experiences an all, having a third eye as our realities are all different.

Keeno: What makes you different as compared to other artists within your region ?

KbTheDeacon:Unfortunately, from where I’m from I don’t know any other musician but if we talking about Pretoria (Cap City Rap City) as an entirety you find really gifted musicians, I’m different to most as I preach my own truth using smart tactical rhymes.

Keeno: How do you separate yourself from other artists ?

KbTheDeacon:Most, if not all my music is concept based

Keeno: Who would you say (in the music industry) has influenced you as an artist & your style ?

KbTheDeacon:Nototious B.I.G, J.Cole, HHP, Tuks, TKZEE

Keeno:Which artists do you listen to now ?

KbTheDeacon:HHP, Streetz, Nipssey Hussle, Dave East & Styles P, Russ, J.Cole

Keeno: Where and what made you as an individual decide you wanted to follow the path of hip-hop / music ?

KbTheDeacon:When I was in high school there use to be cyphers held by The State Theatre in Pretoria, the vibe, the skill level just how one can play with words, thus being able to monetize the art as an entirety.

Keeno:What were your “muses” or inspirations & who are your idols that have inspired you to pursue a career in music ?

KbTheDeacon:Family and Friends, I idolize all the greats in the music industry on how they have navigated their careers to the top, surpassing all challenges experienced on their journey as I said I’m just a student of the art.

Keeno: How is the support for your music and as an artist been ?

KbTheDeacon:Steady growth in support receiving while cultivating the artistry

Keeno:how has being a creative impacted the course of your life and the people around you ?

KbTheDeacon:Artistry is a way to escape or dealing with pressures of life and thus a creative helps with relaxing all stresses one can endure and open the mind to new ideas and having different perspectives on life in general while learning and growing as an individual being.

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