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Superstarme Uwakina: A Heart of Nature and a Good Soul Music

Keeno sits with another stellar artist from around his way. Who brings a great mix of souls and natural production to the music seen in his Area. With an honest smooth style blending soul hip hop and the originality of his community. There is no wonder that SuperstarMe Uwakina is a SuperStar.

Kneeo:Where do you draw your inspiration from as a creative?

Superstarme Uwakina: Mother nature

Keeno: How long have you been doing music ?

Superstarme Uwakina:Officially 2018 if not counting my high school years.

Keeno:Who do you admire in the music industry ?

Superstarme Uwakina:Kari Jobe

Keeno: Whats is your musical back ground ?

Superstarme Uwakina:Church most definitely church. But it all started with my grandma, mom, aunt. I’d say it’s in the genes 

Keeno: How would you categories your artistic style ?

Superstarme Uwakina: I don’t like titles, I do what my brain, heart & soul desire. I’m sure the title will be nature related when I think of one! HaHa

Keeno: Who are your influences ? Musically and externally ?

Superstarme Uwakina: A lot of artists locally and internationally. I listen to almost all the genres the list is endless, from the late Lucky Dube to Amanda Black. The late Michael Jackson to Tom Odell,  Christina Perri and etc

Keeno: How do you feel about the present state of music & the industry ?

Superstarme Uwakina:Honestly I feel like the soul of music is crippling bit by bit due to the abuse usage of auto tune, people making music for the sake of the “idea of it” and not having the heart/ soul behind ones lyrics or lyricism. 

Keeno: What do you feel is needed to bring a change within the music industry ?

Superstarme Uwakina: Who am I to tell people what to do and how to go about concerning their craft?

But if it was up to me, rappers would rap to teach and aspire through lyricism. Rnb/ Soul they’ll express their emotions than telling how much they love or hate a person. Rasta are meant to teach and not just sing about Weed and getting high you know just to name a few😊

Keeno: How do you as a creative get your music out to the public ?

Superstarme Uwakina:Word of mouth and social media for now.

Keeno:What do you feel is needed to get you to the next level as a creative ?

Superstarme Uwakina:Most definitely not relying too much on other people but be connected, increasing my social presence and some good marketing and promoting skills 😉

Keeno: What is the moment that made you say I want to be an artist or creative within the entertainment  industry ? Superstarme Uwakina:When non of my family members took it upon her/himself to do so plus I was made for the entertainment industry, it’s my calling.

Keeno: What made you fall in love with music/ hip hop ?

Superstarme Uwakina:One of the best moments of my high school years. I had it rough esp my last year’s of high school but I would always escape through music, dance, theatre, after school/ weekend cyphers, hip hop sessions session and oh not forgetting the church experience as a performer or simply singing along with the worship team.

Keeno: Who do you aspire to work with in the near future?

Superstarme Uwakina:For I’d say Amanda Black

Keeno: Where are you originally from ?

Superstarme Uwakina:Limpopo since it’s where I was raised but I was born in Gauteng 1632 Tembisa

Keeno:How has your environment influenced your sound ?

Superstarme Uwakina: How I was raised contribute a lot towards my music. If I didn’t get through what I  did I wouldn’t have a story to share. So my experiences are a worthy lesson to be shared.

Keeno: How are you different than other artists within your region ?

Superstarme Uwakina:As I said I’m a huge fan of music as a whole. I get inspired by soulful, jazz, rap, reggae, country etc and I can fuse all that into my craft. But most artist here would only listen to an artist who does the same genre and get inspired neglecting other kind of music they listen to.

Keeno: How do you separate yourself from other artists ?

Superstarme Uwakina: Oh I don’t but my music does

Keeno: Who would you say has influenced your style ?

Superstarme Uwakina: Badu

Keeno: Which artists do you listen to now ?

Superstarme Uwakina: Same as I mentioned above. I get my inspiration from old music.

Keeno: Where and what made you as an individual decide you wanted to follow the path of hip-hop?

Superstarme Uwakina: All path leads to Tembisa 1632 back in cypher days, battles and lyricism. We used to have shows like 1632 Vs 1685 & Original Hip Hop Parties (OHHP) annually and even if you didn’t like hip hop, you’d fall in love with it, the crowd and the stage

Keeno: what were your muses & who are your heroes that have inspired you to pick up the mic?

Superstarme Uwakina: My homies like Necrophonic skill(you should check him out)

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