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Where do you draw your inspiration from as an artist & creative?
I get my inspiration from the people I meet in the media industry, simply because we talk the same language and you get good advice as well on how to maintain your craft, and knowing what’s hot and trending.

How long have you been doing music?
I’d say 6 years

Who do you admire in the music industry?
Dj Oskido

What is your musical back ground?
I grew up listening to a lot of music genres I’d say… kwaito,hiphop,rnb,house

How would you categorize your artistic style and music?
Urban because it’s got a modern sound.

Who are your influences? Musically & externally?

The people that I work with in the music industry.
Externally it has to be my life experience, the things I go through on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s just the surrounding or a place of free thought where I can be in my own space and start exploring.

How do you feel about the present state of music & the industry as a whole?

I feel like it’s doing well because it has opened channels for whole lot of artists especially in the hip hop and house genre, and you get to hear and see new content everyday which shows that the industry is growing. The digital industry is also playing a huge role because, it gives artists, businesses, and brands to show case their craft via marketing, socialising with other artists and selling their music online.

What do you feel is needed to bring a change within the music industry ?

We need to stop focusing on trends that are already there and give new artists a chance, especially the ones that are always making trends, that way we can attract more audience. The industry will grow and be diverse as well.

How do you as a creative get your music out to the public ?

I use digital media and I also submit my music on radio stations.

What do you feel is needed to get you to the next level as a creative ?

Capital…simply because you need money to make money.

What is that moment that made you decide that you want to be an artist or an creative within the entertainment industry ?

That moment came when I saw that being a creative is something I am good at.

What made you fall in love with music / hip hop as a whole ?

Seeing how music connects to me.

Who do you aspire to work with in your career ?

Keeno worldwide,Emmygees,Chealax Mpanza,dj Saax,Kraizie and Mazol sa

Where are you originally from ?

I’m origionally from Kwa Zulu Natal (KZN) EMONDLO

How has your environment influenced your sound and yourself as a musician & creative ?

It teaches me to always be myself and never pretend to be something I’m not. Same goes to my music as well, it’s got African that sound to it.

What makes you different as compared to other artists within your region ?

I’m always myself.

Topic: Bringing New York back

How do you separate yourself from other artists ?
I try to work with artists that make different music, and incorporate it with my artistic style to make one sound.

Who would you say (in the music industry) has influenced you as an artist & your style ?

Jay -Z

Which artists do you listen to now ?

Where and what made you as an individual decide you wanted to follow the path of hip-hop / music ?

Hip hop is very broad and it be manipulated to sub genres like trap, and so it allows us to morph the sound but still maintain its originality.

What were your “muses” or inspirations & who are your idols that have inspired you to pursue a career in music ?
The people that I grew up listening to such as… 2 Pac,Zola,Lil wayne,skwatta Camp,AKA,Reason

How is the support for your music and as an artist been ?

It’s been ok so far.

How has being a creative impacted the course of your life and the people around you ?

It has changed how other people and artists perceive me, it teaches me to respect myself, and my craft.

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