Become apart of Hip Obscene Documentrains Team

Our Goal is to create a global network of independent contractors willing to collaborate in bringing together a unified underground Community.

We at the core of Hip Obscene is a group of people who has more than 20 plus years of experience in all avenues of entertainment. Such as music and film production, event planning, marketing and promotion. We are willing to share our knowledge with those who are interested in our goal of unifying the Underground.

We have designed a strategy to help us acquire this goal through past experience and new innovation. Our Motto is “We are greater together than alone”

we made a plan that brings people together

to build and strengthen the underground community in every area we have a Representative of Hip Obscene. By sharing our resources and organizing events and activities and ensuring global support.

This is a very experimental group project which will successful only if each person chooses to play their part.

By participating you will strengthen both your personal and group organization and management skills. What made the underground culture possible such as Hip Hop, Punk and House music; is that people started organizing and supporting each other.

  • Orginazing the people, venues, possible sponsors, media out is first
  • building a team
  • writing articles and interviews
  • building your area/district web page
  • selling ad space
  • setting up events
  • creating and selling merchandise
  • promoting

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