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South African artist Keeno has been creating a global buzz on sound cloud and facebook for the past year which has caught our attention.  born in the heart of Cape Town and raised in the city of Johannesburg; this young star has is eye on the world and nothing less Chico.

Realizing his passion for music at the tender age of eight; Keeno learned how to Rhyme, Produce, beats and DJ. He has performed at the Wits University State Art Theatre an even been interviewed by the Hillbrow Radio Station in South Africa. We Sat down with Keeno to get to know this south African artist and the music vibe where he’s at.

Keeno its good to caught up with you! I like your style as well as your work ethic you really put your self out their and your style of music is very on point. How do you categories your music and who are influences and what inspires you.

Firstly I’d like to thank you for reaching out to me and providing me with this opportunity.

Thank you. I would say my music is quite versatile and that is what I aim for. To accommodate all kinds of listeners , I also listen to a variety of music artists from hip hop to RnB to House. My inspiration comes from listening to any good music that I can dance to , relate to and any inspirational music.

So you can produce and DJ as well have you any interest in perusing either in the future?

Yes i do have an interest to pursue a career in the music industry whether it being making it as an artist , a producer or even a Dj , and I am currently in the process of producing my own beats aswell as learning how to mix and master my own music.

You been really pushing your music on facebook (that’s where found you!); how has the response been?

Thank You , I appreciate it. It means a lot to me. The response felt like a dream come true , and it has motivated me to pay more attention to my music and to work more diligently on perfecting my craft.

Congrats on getting on the radio it seems you been building a good buzz out there! How is the Music Scene in South Africa?

Thank You. The Music industry in South Africa is really good I must say. I just think that a few upcoming artists don’t get the necessary exposure they deserve.

How is the buzz around the whole of Africa when it comes to hip hop have you traveled to other areas and are your preparing to?

There is a huge buzz in with regards to Hip Hop in South Africa. And yes I have traveled before and I would like to travel some more. I enjoy travelling.

I see you work with a few producers in the scene out there locally and abroad is there a difference in styles and which do you prefer?

Yes I have worked with local producers in the scene and international producers too. I do prefer to work with either , whether it being local or international producers. I think for me personally it just varies on the sound and if I like what I hear then I will definitely reach out and try my best to work or collaborate with a producer.

And Lastly whats next for Keeno and who should we be looking out for in south Africa other than your self who got that fire?

Well , there are a lot of upcoming artists in South Africa and I think a lot of them are doing a good job. I’d say look out for those that are hard workers , and have a good sound that you can compare on an international scale if possible , like Nasty C for example he is a Versatile artist. I enjoy his music. What’s next for Keeno ? I would say composing and producing  own Ep. I’m looking forward to developing my own sound and hopefully getting more interviews , and shows to perform at.

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