About Us

Hip Obscene started as a parting mixing hip hop with experimental EDM at the time 1998(drum-n-base).Which DJ Rough Cz documented and continued film and collect footage of the time which he did with a revolving group of people who supported the idea. In 2002 Black Cea’zar became a roommate and friend and joined on the idea and began created outlet opportunities to bring the concept into reality broader audience. Knowing the value created platforms to build support for the documentary and production. In recent time the idea of bring back hip obscene knowing the value the documentary holding dear our original culture as recent drifts from our original value and desired style of living.

The magazine is create as an outlet an a opportunity to document the community of people who think and respect the independent underground culture, free expression and comradery.

The members of hip obscene have thrown events, produced music, film and many more. With an establish group of people the stems from the west south, east coast and international since 1998. We keep an very family oriented way of life and business. This is really important for Hip obscene we are all family; we just love to make things happen supports thing happening and share things happen.