Become apart of Hip Obscene Documentrains Team

Become apart of Hip Obscene Documentrains Team

Our Goal is to create a global network of independent contractors willing to collaborate in bringing together a unified underground Community.

We at the core of Hip Obscene is a group of people who has more than 20 plus years of experience in all avenues of entertainment. Such as music and film production, event planning, marketing and promotion. We are willing to share our knowledge with those who are interested in our goal of unifying the Underground.

We have designed a strategy to help us acquire this goal through past experience and new innovation. Our Motto is “We are greater together than alone” we made a plan that brings people together to build and strengthen the underground community in every area we have a Representative of Hip Obscene. By sharing our resources and organizing events and activities and ensuring global support.

This is a very experimental group project which will successful only if each person chooses to play their part.

By participating you will strengthen both your personal and group organization and management skills. What made the underground culture possible such as Hip Hop, Punk and House music; is that people started organizing and supporting each other.

  • Orginazing the people, venues, possible sponsors, media out is first
  • building a team
  • writing articles and interviews
  • building your area/district web page
  • selling ad space
  • setting up events
  • creating and selling merchandise
  • promoting

By all of us creating a present globally we can easily attract sponsors/adverstiser set up Sponsored events, tours and festivals. But this can only be done through support and love for the culture; as well as honest communication.

For Example 1520 Sedgwick Avenue is the official birthplace of Hip hop cause kool Herc through a party.

Like Rough Cz said in the article “The Walk”; “

with their own event It consist of group as well as personal organization and management

Our goal is to print and sell our magazine in every place we have a representative across the world. In time helping each area have their own imprint we are also working distributing our own compilation albums and creating a touring circuit through all corresponding area connected to hip obscene. having each area

in the local area such as audience, radio and venues allowing to create a build a circuit through the underground community were we all can benefit from. With this experience

Submissions is one of our core pieces of hip obscene this allows us to connect easier with artist who are serious of being apart of hip obscene. Building our community and subscription; organizing potential content. We are also able to go to potential sponsors and advertisers and show them the value of investing with us.

This helps everyone who works with hip obscene build their artist and fan base for every artist has fans. Either artist or the staff member submits the work making sure the email, location and subscribe button is filled out also. Allowing the staff member to be credited and send updates and build list for events and other opportunities.

This isn’t just center around the individual local area of the participate but to anyone they get into contact with through out the world; this is a global project.

One of the first task/goal of a participate is to collect and organize all resources in their area that can be of benefit. The Submission process help this be accomplish with ease;

collecting resources such as Artist/Producers/Labels/mixtapes/podcast&Radio Stations/Models&Actors/Visual Artist/ Also Venues and Promoters

we also encourage to get the info of local venues and companies the sposors and endore evets in your local area building a dadtbase of such is the most important thing this isthis is the prime foundation of the industry you sre in.

Artist Interviews

all artist who are to be interviewed must submit their work to be eligible. Either by themselves or staff. The writer may customized the interview under the guidelines and questionnaire designed for interviews.

Once member has establish relation with the artist in his community next is venues Interviewing venue owners and location sponsoring local artist or even radio stations is a great way introduce yourself and hip obscene to them . Establish veneues to do future events such as open mic, alum release parties as well as magazine release parties and events.