Black Rose Commission How does it Work?

Hip Obscene Honoring committee of our Brothers and Sisters who are Living in the Eternal After. Taking care of us while we remember and honor their work and life, so to allow their work to keep moving lives as they have moved us and continue. This is the Black Rose society is inspired by the Barrington Levy song Black Roses. In the song Levy sings “To keep and care it you got to water it/ Got to keep the earth so cool/ ‘Cause something special in my garden” In the song he is talking  about our ancestors and family; to to keep them in our hearts and soul ‘go to water it’ water meaning emotions such as loving and remembering. ‘Keeping the earth so cool’ bring peace to our foundation tending to our roots; This is the purpose of The Black Rose Society. Tending to our roots and foundations our family living in the eternal which allows them to do the same for Us. As Barrington Levy say’s “’Cause something special in my garden”- Black Rose Commission


How it Works

Each Indivdual on the Commitee gets a Profile page on the Network Were peolpe who have permission could up load share and post, music, articles, video’s of the person these people are called “attendees” of those on the comission. For Celetbrites and artist there are a publc access those on the site. for Family member or friend who  voted in their is private acess to those who know are vote the indivdual into the commission as the vow to attend to the indivdual.


to be part you got to sign up to hip obscene network and make a requset first. you can suggest whoever you want all will be let in but first repected acknowlegement must be make and a small detail and why you think this person should be apart of the Commission.

Instructions on how to make a BRC (Black Rose Commission) Page will be giving once request is made by active member of the network.