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Mfundo’s Interview

Hip Obscene Network Magazine Artist Interview Where do you draw your inspiration from as an artist & creative? I get my inspiration from the people I meet in the media industry, simply because we talk the same language and you get good advice as well on how to maintain your craft, and knowing what’s hot […]


Keeno:Where do you draw your inspiration from as an an artist & creative? bTheDeacon:From life itself and experiences we encounter from our daily livings not excluding other people’s journeys and what they have experienced in their lives. Keeno:How long have you been doing music ? KbTheDeacon:8 Years and some change Keeno:Who do you admire in […]

MIKEYLOUS : Jamaican Reggae Guru in South Africa

Keeno Worldwide Hip Obscene international correspondent from South Africa Had another great interview with MIKEYLOUS GRANT. A fearless reggae artist in South Africa who has been bless the land is the mid 80’s.And hasn’t miss a beat since the area. A man loving life and life loving what he does; enjoying the people getting him […]


ProphecyEnt-Records the interview The Vision and Creation Where do you draw your inspiration from as a creative? Prophecy-Entertainment; “What inspires us is a wide variety of what’s been and what still is to come in this generation of new age music. Starting from the origins of reggae, rhythm & blues, hip-hop and anything else that […]

Elijah Hope: The Mind of Hope

Where do you draw your inspiration from as a creative ?  My faith primarily, it reminds me that as long as i’m breathing, it’s not over. On top of that it’s the love of music and the hunger for success.  How long have you been doing music ?  Almost ten years now but it’s only […]