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What are the Benefits

When you regularly submit your work you are not guarantee your work will be looked at, displayed or past to reliable resources. With Hip obscene we document and create a database which is equal to a record poll. Allowing people a variety of options to pick form; this is what we believe is missing in the under ground.Radio stations can pick a slew of  Music Artist to play and also spread the viewers from the music artist following; DJ's can also do the same. Producers and share their work with Music artist who are looking for a new sound and so one. We also will be regularly reviewing people who submitted their work and encouraging other to review and give their opinion  help each other grow and sharpen our craft.

To submit you must  first sign up as a member at then go to submission and pick your section

Music Artist

Submit your Music and videos with a small bio all genre are accepted Music must have vocals if not display in Producers or DJ's

Radio Station

Submit your radio station Major or online podcast also put time and dates must pertain to music art and urban culture can not only be about bias politics


instrumentals for artist or EDM artist production.


DJ from any genre!

Visual Artist

Any art Medium which includes canvas, abstract art and Multi-media,


Event promoter of any genre!

Signing Up

When you sign up you will get a personal pubic profile page your work will be shown and access on our Magazine page. It is important to fill out all the necessary forms. Press click Submission on the dashbroad find  your section; artist,DJ etc.. Then fill out, The Title (your name/artist alias);  The Body(Bio); on the side pick your state; Lower on the side feature Image (will be your profile Picture);. Under the Body any our the necessary forms such audio, video or image up load. Please put the best work first so when reviewed it is easy to choose. This goes for all submission thank you!