Manfred Wavendales Mixes By DJ Rough Cz


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Manfred Wavendales. a slicker(literally), more elite offering to the entire Globe.

Newport, Rhode Island, NYC, New Orleans, La., Atlanta ,Georgia is where the “homestead” lies. We personally would like to thank you for any type of commentary,(constructive) criticism(s), and most importantly, collaborative suggestion. Personal tunes are more towards the bottom of the stream and flavours from comrades, and new heads are here for your listening pleasure. Message to lyricists who have been directed to my page: RULE #1 DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED by the sequences and mixes before you!! if you feel that you cannot “flow” to these because of musical complexity. The solution is simple , if you like I or an associate can build your tune from scratch, wanting YOU to have TOTAL INVOLVEMENT in this process of the MAGIA of MUSIC. .

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