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Meet the Gangsta Gardener

A fashion designer by profession, Ron Finley found his true calling when he tried to buy fresh fruit and vegetables in his South Central Los Angeles neighborhood—and walked away empty-handed. He had his pick of unhealthy fast-food outlets, but a store where he could buy a decent apple? No luck. So in 2010, on a 150-by-10-foot curbside median outside his home, Finley planted mustard greens, carrots, banana and tangerine trees, and more. Friends and strangers came by to gawk, and Finley told them to help themselves. For many, it was the first fresh produce they’d eaten in years.



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Dwight “Black Cea’zar” Bonair Underground Producer,Artist,Promoter and Member of Hip Obscene Televised since 2002. Also Known as the Mad King

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